Designing a world-class manufacturing facility

Our lab manager Kylie O’Neill played an integral part in designing the Neo-Bionica lab facilities – the first and only facility in Australia with the bioengineering expertise and technology to create first-in-human prototypes for clinical trials. 
Kylie and a dedicated team of Bionics Institute staff custom designed many of the purpose-built spaces of the lab, with workstations designed and fitted to house medical device microfabrication equipment, 3D printers and high-speed machining tools. 
Kylie recently spoke with Lab Manager magazine about how Neo-Bionica’s unique location within St Vincent’s Hospital is integral to its operations: 

“The location of the facility is probably the most unique part of the facility and critical to the long-term plans and objectives of the business. The co-location within the same campus of pre-clinical research development, along with first-in-human clinical trials, provides for efficient, effective collaboration. Having collaborators and clinicians, including world leader epilepsy specialists, literally across the hallway is vital to the development and fast tracking of first-in-human prototypes. This close and continuous information transfer to and from clinicians allows clinical problems to be investigated in real time by our dedicated team of researchers and engineers.” 

Read more about the process of designing our state-of-the-art facility in Lab Manager magazine: