Applications for round 1 of the Technology Voucher Program are now closed.
We would still love to hear about your medical device projects so feel free to get in touch using the form below.
Further information about the Technology Voucher Program is detailed further down the page.





Neo-Bionica, a joint initiative of the Bionics Institute (BI) and the University of Melbourne (UoM), is an end-to-end medical device prototype development facility located in the heart of St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne. The facility maintains two independent ISO7 cleanrooms and two large engineering workshops, housing the latest fabrication technology for designing and translating medical devices from concept through to clinical application.

To celebrate its launch and encourage collaboration, the founders of Neo-Bionica, BI and UoM, with the support of the State Government of Victoria, have set aside funding for a Technology Voucher Program.


The aim of the Technology Voucher Program is to support BI/UoM affiliated researchers and their collaborators to work with Neo-Bionica on a short-term technology development project, with the goal of progressing their concept or device to the next phase of development.

Don’t have an existing collaboration? Through the Voucher Program, applicants can be connected with a BI or UoM expert in a relevant field and embark on a collaborative project. See further details under Eligibility.

Successful applicants will be awarded a Technology Voucher to cover part of, or the entire cost of an initial project phase. Examples of potential projects include:

  • Initiate a research project in partnership with Neo-Bionica
  • Support a research project that will lead to an application for grant funding and/or further investment
  • Fund access to research facilities and equipment, including:
    • 3D printing
    • precision milling
    • printed circuit board (PCB) design & prototyping
    • electrode prototyping
    • welding (resistance & laser), and more
  • Fund product or process design activities, such as engineering or technical design expertise to determine prototype structure, function and/or materials
  • Access technical assistance
  • Trial assembly runs or processes to demonstrate technical concepts
  • Prove or demonstrate technical capabilities of a product, process or technology


The inaugural Voucher Program has a total pool of $250,000. Vouchers will vary in value depending on the project and phase of development. As a general rule, vouchers will cover expertise, time and materials to progress projects over a period of 6-8 weeks.

Interested applicants must first consult with Neo-Bionica on project scope to ensure feasibility under the Program and accuracy of the proposed work packages; those with suitable projects will then be invited to apply for a Voucher. See further details under How to Apply.

We advise you to discuss the Voucher Program with your grants office (if applicable), in case the program could be used to leverage other funding opportunities.


Researchers affiliated with the Bionics Institute and/or the University of Melbourne, or their collaborators.

Applicants who do not have a BI or UoM collaboration in place are encouraged to contact the Neo-Bionica team for an initial discussion about their project, with the potential outcome of facilitating new linkages with BI/UoM researchers under the Voucher Program.

Project Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for projects under the Technology Voucher Program are as follows:

  • Innovation must be a medical or assistive device, e.g. device, diagnostic, equipment, instrumentation
  • The proposed product must involve innovation and be technically viable
  • Neo-Bionica must be able to add value to the proposed idea
  • The proposed project must be:
    • Short
    • Well-focused / targeted within the scheme
    • Build collaboration with BI/UoM
  • The proposed project must not have already received support through the Voucher Program; however, we welcome new innovations from previous applicants
  • Previously unsuccessful applicants may reapply for the same project for subsequent rounds if significant change has been made to the application

Applications that do not fit these criteria will not be considered under the Voucher Program.